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Green Solutions

Using a Fax Server rather than a Fax machine generates a saving on energy costs of about 70%.

While on standby Vidicode Fax Servers use 5 to 9W, recording 8 to 12W, depending on the type

Typical fax machines have a power consumption of about 25W. The total power consumption of a typical PC and monitor is about 175W, while "sleeping" it consumes 3W.


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Unified messaging Print E-mail
Unified Messaging is the integration of different streams of communication (e-mail, SMS, Fax, voice, video, etc.) into a single unified message store, accessible from a variety of different devices. Unified Messaging is a subset of a fully integrated Unified communications system.

Today, Unified Messaging solutions are increasingly accepted in the corporate environment. The aim of deploying these solutions generally is to enhance and improve business processes as well as services. Unified Messaging solutions targeting professional end-user customers integrate communications processes into the existing IT infrastructure.

Improve business processes

Effectively the Vidicode Fax Servers will bring the received fax directly to the place it needs to be; the person who needs to deal with it, without delay, without error.
This way of delivering faxes is often referred to as Unified Messaging or Unified communication.


There are several ways to access the Fax Server through software. Obviously the Fax Server Access Software is one of them. This software may also be linked to other software on your PC, or it may be bypassed all together. The Fax Server is supplied with Vidicode Access software with which it will perform its tasks perfectly. However if your organisation prefers to use only the hardware and your own software Vidicode is always available to work with system integrators to create the best possible solution.